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How It Works?


  • Public Servant
  • The Public
    1. Registered Voter
    2. Non-Registered Voter and US Resident
    3. Non-American Citizen

Public Servant and the System
Public Servants will be initially just what is termed now as the President and/or Vice President who is/are using the Human Network System to collaborate with those who signed-up. He/She will transform Bills or Programs into Yes-No questions, rank-polls, multiple-choice surveys, etc for the interested member to vote. He/She might follow-up voters to zoom in to specific details of the Bill or Program and go to and fro several times to peolpe based on popularity of suggestions, comments and replies. If too many, He/She might give time only to those that are most replied, most liked, most disliked comments and suggestion or those who are highly rated members. However, the System will assist in analyzing comments and suggestions via Artificial Intelligence. System will also filter non-sense and profane statement. Members are given stars based on participation and contribution in a given year which may result to awards or privileges and the credibility of the member.

Registered Voters
Registered voters (US citizens of at least 18 years of age) who sign-up on the Human Network System can collaborate with Public Servants (intially President and VP) - by voting, initiating bills and programs, commenting, suggesting, replying to comments, and liking and disliking comments, suggestions, and replies.

Non-registered Voters
Non-registered voters and US residents, who sign-up on the system, can do what the registered voters can except to vote.

Non-US Citizens
Non-US citizens can only initiate bills and programs but cannot influence people's decision since they cannot vote, comment, reply, like and dislike.

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